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Who is Lionel Jackman?

Content & social made simple

I’m a content strategist and video producer and I help companies grow their digital audience and deepen engagement with content marketing and social media.

I started my career in reality TV and documentary production in Los Angeles in 2009, and since moving back to Australia I’ve focused on storytelling across digital and social platforms and I’ve worked with some of the biggest digital publishers in the country.

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Content Strategy

I align your strategic business goals with content outcomes that meet the needs and wants of your target customers on their preferred digital platforms, within the context of your conversion funnel. 

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Content Creation

I bring my experience writing blogs, managing editorial teams, and a background in broadcast television to publish topical and searched for content for your niche prospects.       

Content Distribution 

I work with inbound tactics and advertising options to get the best content reach and ROI. By varying distribution mixes, I'm able to bring the cost per customer acquisition down and the life time value up.

YouTube is an integral component to's brand awareness and I've developed content strategy, SEO, and new production approaches to better leverage their video assets across channels.

  • Content strategy 
  • YouTube and On-page SEO
  • Graphics/Animation
  • Video Production